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We now have new towers in ODESSA, HIGGINSVILLE, & CONCORDIA!

It has come to our attention that a vast majority of our customers are unaware that we have multiple monthly internet plans available and also offer a service plan.

Here is a list of the different internet packages we offer to meet our customers needs:

Each level of service has a guaranteed speed (CIR) and a Bursting speed (MIR)

The network is always bursting as long as there is availability or bandwith to spare..

Example:   Level 1
You are sharing a connection of 128k (CIR)  which is your guarantee. (Because you're sharing, you'll probably have speeds anywhere from 128k to 512k.
That means your upload and download will equal 128k or more..

Each level increases in price $10 per month.  It also increases your guaranteed speed (CIR) 128k and your bursting speed (MIR) 128k.

So *Level 2* actually *DOUBLES* your guaranteed speed over Level 1 for $10 more a month..

Level 1  $42.95  (CIR) 128,   Burst (MIR) 512
Level 2  $52.95  (CIR)  256,  Burst (MIR) 640
Level 3  $62.95  (CIR)  384,  Burst (MIR) 768
Level 4  $72.95  (CIR)  448,  Burst (MIR) 896
Level 5  $82.95  (CIR)  512,  Burst (MIR) 1024

We also offer a *Service Plan* for $5.95 a month.

This means if we have to come to your house to fix, adjust or replace any of our equipment, you wouldn't be charged a $30 trip charge.
If we come to your house and the problem is your computer or your router, then there is a $75 fee..
No matter how many times we have to come to your house, you never pay more than the $5.95 monthly *Service Plan* fee..

 We are currently in the process of deploying *New Equipment *on our towers that will bring customers that have *Line of Sight* or *Near Line of Sight* to our towers,  Higher Bandwith speeds.
 Please call the office if you think you're a candidate for the *New Equipment*, or can see the tower that we broadcast your Internet Service from...

Please feel free to call the office if you want to upgrade your plan, add the Service Plan or just have any questions in general.

Thanks again, We really appreciate your business..


Customer Service line 866.95.TURBO

Office Phone 660-259-4705

Customer Service line 866.95.TURBO

Create a Ticket using the new support email

Rate Plans Start at $42.95 pls call for more info (660-259-4705)
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Turbonettm is High-Speed Wireless Internet
Up to 70 times faster than dial-up, Turbonet Hi-Speed Wireless Internet reaches out and connects you to the Internet in places other Internet services don't.
The technology that Turbonettm is built upon allows remote internet users to gain access to the internet within our coverage area. Through the use of multiple technology platforms; we extend our service range and provided multiple methods for delivering our services providing you greater choices in service.

Our network management policies are neutral with regard to all lawful data and application types. We place no restrictions on any customer's access to lawful Internet content, or on their ability to run specific applications, or to connect devices of their choice, provided that those devices do not interfere with the efficient operation of our network. Our policy is also not to implement any policies that interfere with competition among network providers or services.
Our network management policies are focused solely on the efficient transmission, reception, and routing of data. Packets are switched and directed without regard to their content or what applications they are associated with. These policies are displayed on our website, which can be viewed at
Our customers are provided a direct connection to the Public Internet, with as few intermediary hops as possible. Our network is not private or closed, and we will provide access to the Internet or physical interconnections for the exchange of data are available on reasonable negotiated terms to all requesting parties.
Our network management processes do not favor any particular type of data or customer, however, we do take steps to ensure that our network remains stable and able to provide the highest possible amount of bandwidth to our customers. In accordance with that policy, our management practices include measures to limit malicious activity including, but not limited to spam, denial of service attacks, or illegal content. In addition, we may take steps to limit activity that is harmful to our network, our customers, other networks, or is in contravention of applicable law or best practices.
Our policy is to co-operate within the full extent of the law with requests for information from law enforcement agencies. Our practices also allow us to employ caching.
Our network is co-operating with local governments to provide public safety communications.

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