Zach Zachariah Hedrick Lands ASU Internship

    Dexter zach hedrick, Missouri - Zach (Zachariah) Hedrick zach hedrick, a graduate and native of Dexter, Missouri lately landed an at the Brickhouse Grill in downtown Jonesboro, Arkansas.

    His internship, through Arkansas State University, will run throughout the spring term and will be one of many remaining steps in completing his Bachelor's Degree in Public Relations.

    On social media marketing offers for the Brickhouse Grill Zack may focus a majority of his efforts. While among the popular places in Jonesboro, social media marketing hasn't been the key emphasis inside their marketing efforts. By revamping the selection and website, Hedrick says, "I desire to increase sales and reinforce the Brickhouse Grill name. That is my goal."

    While focusing on his internship at the Brickhouse Grill, he will report back to his Public Relations Practicum class once weekly to examine his improvement with Dr. Gil Fowler. Class time is also applied to brush-up on new skills involving his major.

    The Brickhouse Grill was established in 2007 by Louisiana implant Dan Johnson. The grill and bar venue includes an unbelievable mixture of amazing food, the very best in live music, and an irresistible atmosphere, all served up New Orleans style. The Brickhouse Grill was among the primary forces in the efforts in downtown Jonesboro and is found at 218 S. Main Street.

    Zach, today 21, could be the son of Dexter companies Alan and Tracy Hedrick. His entire life was spent by him in Dexter, Missouri before beginning his career at Arkansas State University in nov 2009. After initially proclaiming his major in Political Science, he changed his major to Public Relations during his sophomore year and has thoroughly appreciated the ASU College of Communications.

    Hedrick is working towards his Bachelor's Degree in Public Relations with a small in History. His anticipated graduation is soon approaching on May possibly 11, 2013. Congratulations Zach on employment done well!

    zach hedrick


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